Microsoft Project xCloud

In today’s article, I hope to talk about the creation of Microsoft. it is about the game streaming service, xCloud, which will be launched this year. It allows players to play instantly through cloud technology. It gives you the chance to play in a clearer way. Furthermore, they have stated that necessary steps will be taken to provide this service for the upcoming Windows 10 computers by next year.

This service is currently available for Android phones and tablets.

Through this link you can go to their website and register for it. However, this service is not yet available for iOS phones.

How is xCloud used

In order to participate in this service, you must meet the following basic requirements.

Phone with Android 6.0+ operating system and Bluetooth version 4.0+.
Xbox Wireless Controller supports Bluetooth.
5GHz Wi-Fi or mobile data connection with 10Mbps download speed.
Xbox Game Streaming App. (preview)


After completing these things, you need to have a Microsoft account to sign up for this. After registering, they will send you an email with the details of the next steps. Then you just need to connect the phone to the Xbox controller and play the game. If you need more information from the link above, you can do it.

So far they have more than 50 games for preview. Starting next year, they will extend the service for these phones to computers as well. But at the moment they have not provided this service to our country. Reportedly previews Canada, India, Japan and Southern European countries.

Their biggest challenge right now is a similar service called Google’s Stadia, which will launch next week. But players can refer to a service of their choice.