France introduce a requalification for electronic devices

The European Parliament recently passed a new law confirming the consumer’s right to repair their electronic devices.

With 395 votes in favor and 94 votes against, the proposal will allow consumers to see a label with a new rating indicating their ability to repair electronic devices they purchase.

From January 2021, France will add the latter label to all types of electronic devices, from mobile phones and laptops sold in the country, to allow consumers to make a successful preconceived idea about the product they buy.

Austria has therefore also taken measures to reduce the tax on spare parts and services for the repair of electronic devices sold in the country.

According to this rating, which is given a maximum of 10 points, 10/10 indicates the maximum recovery ability and according to that ability, it is rated as 9/10, 8/10 etc.
A 2014 survey found that about 77% of consumers would rather fix things they buy than buy new ones when they break down.

Therefore, it is indisputable that this new decision is very positive from the consumer’s point of view and will also reduce the problem of electronic waste, which is currently a problem for the whole world.