an You Use Apple Pay On Amazon
an You Use Apple Pay On Amazon

Can You Use Apple Pay On Amazon? (Overall Details )

Amazon, one of the world’s biggest online retailers, sells a wide range of products. Directly or as a middle man, it sells to millions of consumers. Some online shoppers may be surprised to learn that the most popular shopping destination does not accept all payment methods. So, can you use Apple Pay on Amazon ? We are on this page today to look for alternatives to no, but the straightforward answer is no.

Our website has written a complete guide for you to help you understand the alternative to using the “Apple Card” when shopping at Amazon.

Be aware of the differences before searching ” Can You Use Apple Pay On Amazon “

To use the payment technologies developed by Apply correctly, it is important to understand them. Apple is typically associated with three terms related to payment. Amazon and Walmart do not accept Apple Pay, as described above.

Apple Cash 

If you have an iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad, you can use Apple Cash to pay. With it, payments can be sent and received over iMessage. It’s a service that works with Apple Pay. Those who meet their requirements can use it. Amazon purchases are not possible because it is also linked to Apple Pay.

Note: Apple Cash is only available to US residents and those over 18.

Apple Card 


It was announced in August 2019 that Apple has launched the Apple Card, a credit card integrated with Apple Pay and included in the Wallet app. Goldman Sachs has partnered with Apple for the Apple Pay card, which will work like a traditional credit card for all your transactions.

It can also be used as a debit card at most businesses, including Amazon, because it is backed by Goldman Sachs Bank USA and MasterCard.

Apple Pay 

Users can make payments using Apple Pay while on the go, similar to Google and Samsung Pay. Using Apple Pay, you can send payments securely with your debit or credit cards. While Amazon accepts Apple Pay, it does not currently support

If you don’t have an Apple card, here’s how to get one

It is straightforward to get an Apple Card for those who already have one. If not, skip this section. You can apply for an Apple Card directly from your iPhone if you meet the minimum age requirement. The following steps should be followed.

  • Open the Wallet application.
  • From the drop-down menu, select “Apple Card” from the “+” icon.
  • Continue to the next window once you have read the terms and conditions.
  • Complete the form, including your legal name, birthdate, email address & telephone number.
  • When Apple receives the credit card information, it will display the credit card limit, fees, and annual percentage rates.

Wallet users can see data about their Credit Cards after Apple has evaluated and approved their information. The Titanium Apple Card will be sent to users free of charge through the wallet app.

Benefits of Apple Card

Apple Card has grown significantly since its launch. A number of benefits are associated with it. Please take the time to observe some of the following.

  • The Apple Card gives members 3% in “Daily Cash” back when they use the card at the Apple Store, iTunes, the App Store, or to subscribe to Apple Music or iCloud.
  • Apps like Wallet connect you to credit cards that let you track how much you spend and how you pay it down.
  • Because of its privacy-conscious features, Apple Card has a lot to offer.
  • you can track all of your spending’s along with the GPS of the exact location, and complete address.
  • In order to make your life easier, you can keep a record of all the purchases you’ve made with this card.

Paying with the Apple card

Now that you know Apple Pay is available on Amazon, do you have an answer to the question, “Can I use Apple Pay on Amazon” The Apple Card can now be set up for payments if you already have an Apple card or if it has just arrived after following the above-described instructions.

How to set up your Apple card on Amazon

The Apple cards are accepted on Amazon in much the same way as the other credit or debit cards. When checking out, the Apple Card number needs to be entered. You can use your Apple card on Amazon by following these steps

  • Log in to your Amazon account at
  • Click on your account label under Accounts and Lists on the top-right menu.
  • Choose the payment methods under the title “Ordering and Shopping Preferences.”
  • Once you select that label, select “Add your card.” If your iPhone supports face ID or fingerprint ID, you might be asked to confirm the addition.
  • Card information can also be added during the checkout process and before the order confirmation.

Monitoring Apple Card 

It might be beneficial for you to review their transactions, balances, and other information after making some purchases. If not already active, tap the apple card image in the Wallet app on your iPhone to activate it. On the screen you can see the current balance, recent transactions, and other information.

How to see Recent purchases?

  1. The Apple Card Family app on your iPhone lets you see who made purchases.
  2. Under Latest Transactions, tap Apple Card. Select a month and a transaction, then scroll down to see older transactions.
  3. To see details of the transaction, tap it again.


All Apple devices can be used with Apple Pay. It accepts contactless payments in stores, apps, and online, based on the current pandemic situation. A card is not as safe or as convenient to use as Apple Pay. The With With Apple Pay, Apple devices are compatible with all retail and online outlets, as well as with apps. Apple Pay is safer and more convenient than using a card. If Apple Cash is available, Apple Card purchases on Amazon can be made. In our article, we explain how Apple Cards can be obtained, even if they do not already have them. Apple Card and Amazon Card are accepted at most US stores.

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