Best Virtual Land Buying
Best Virtual Land Buying

Top 7 Best Virtual Land Buying sites you can turn into a millionaire by acquiring land in these virtual worlds

The Virtual Land sector is set to take off like a rocket in the very near future. Here, we will list the Best Virtual Land Buying sites that have land within them, which offer tremendous opportunity.

It can be said that buying Virtual Land from the list below is a big investment for the future.

What are the best virtual land buying websites in 2022?

I hope that all businesses and all other sectors will play an important role in this method in the future, so you can certainly become a millionaire by purchasing Virtual Land through the Best Virtual Land Buying sites listed below.

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Virtual Land Investing In the metaverse

1. Decentraland

The Decentraland games are built on top of a blockchain ledger and are governed by its residents. It’s a large 3D metaverse with realistic avatars where we play different experiences and different games. With the help of its residents, it serves as a forum for public-interest projects, and it is unquestionably the best virtual land buying platform.

The land within Decentraland is now one of the most valuable properties in the metaverse. Decentraland contains a total of 90 601 plots of land, and sales have ranged from thousands to even millions on some estates and small plots.

MANA is a cryptocurrency for the decentralized virtual land which you can buy with Ethereum. A cryptocurrency used for the virtual land of the Decentraland universe, in which you can build anything and play it. All transactions are made with MANA, and significant creations within Decentraland will produce real economic value for their creators.


It will be interesting to see how Decentraland continues to develop over time as it is considered to be the leading metaverse of the future by the NFT and WEB 3 communities.

2. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual metaverse where players can create their own virtual worlds and monetize them. This game looks very much like Minecraft. All of the experiences and games are user generated, which means people within these games are creating the experiences and games themselves.

One of the most highly anticipated metaverses is Sandbox, a virtual world available in public alpha right now, in which players are allowed to participate.

This is the Best Virtual Land Buying Site because Sandbox was created by a top professional team. Sandbox is the best virtual land buying website because it was built by a team of top professionals, such as Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5. more companies are also involved in the sandbox.

3. Axie Infinity

A lot of people are looking forward to the gameplay that will add tons of new play to earn mechanics to Axie Infinity. To date, Axie Infinity has only sold land for one quadrant of their metaverse.

only 25 percent of all land parcels have been made public. These parcels can be purchased on the secondary market on the Axie Infinity website. When the land gameplay is fully launched, Axie Infinity’s remaining 75 percent of land plots will be released sometime in the future.

Axe Infinity can be considered a good investment in the metaverse.

4. Mirandus

Gala Games developed Mirandus, an epic fantasy RPG set in a vast world ruled by five monarchs.

In the game, players can become knights, serve as a knight in a royal court, or open a shop in one of five great cities. They can explore the wilderness and battle creatures lurking in dark dungeons and deep woods.

They call this land inside their metaverse land deeds and it is extremely exclusive. Mirandus says only 1625 land deeds can ever exist in the world of Mirandus.
As soon as the metaverse takes off, some of the valuations for these plots of land will go absolutely bonkers, it has the potential to skyrocket if Mirandus just ends up being a huge hit.

You can see that all the land deeds in Mirandus Marketplace have been sold and you can buy land there. If you like, you can find some of these lands on the official page of OpenSea and buy it. You can also buy a building that is unique to Mirandus Marketplace.

Today, Mirandus Marketplace is one of the best Virtual Land Buying sites

5. Treeverse

Treeverse is a living world just waiting to be conquered. it’s an MMORPG, and the day you play it, you’ll definitely feel at home. The Treeverse metaverse is still in development, but it has already conducted a land sale, similar to a lot of the other metaverses we will be talking about.
There have been two coveted releases of land plots inside this metaverse and you can see them on OpenSea at the moment. You can find the 10 and the 420 founders plots in this metaverse on OpenSea now.

The world of Treeverse is also full of good things, such as raising capital at a valuation of $25 million. One of those investors is Animoka Brands, known for investing in high-quality Web 3 projects.

In addition to OpenSea, they have invested in The Sandbox as well, so that’s something to consider.

Secondly, we should know there are 10 experienced developers working on the project, one of whom happens to be Loopifyy, a very well-known name in the Web 3 and NFT space. Treeverse is a very interesting and exciting game, and we know many people will enjoy the overall atmosphere and vibe it provides.

6. Ember Sword

Ember Sword

In the action-packed level-up system, you will have the chance to prove your worth by defeating monsters, bosses, other players, or you can explore as a peaceful forager of goods. It is up to you to decide who you will be and what weapon you will use in the mysterious world.

The game’s mechanics look excellent, but the land and environment also look great.

This is already a Best Virtual Land Buying site and there will be more in the future, as it is already a land sale site. Follow them on Twitter and stay updated on their discord server.

They have 160 000 plots in the Ember Sword metaverse, of which 40 000 have already been released, which are within one of their regions. Furthermore, Ember Sword’s first land sale was held in Solarwood, the first of their four nations.

The land plots in Thanabus are divided into four types, including settlements, towns, and cities. There are 160 000 plots available in Thanabus and 40 000 plots in Solarwood to make a total of 80 000 plots for each of the four regions within Thanabus, the Ember Sword universe.

You can find the land that has already been released on OpenSea, the secondary market. As for Ember Sword, there has been a great deal of excitement surrounding it, and as we’ve already mentioned, the first land sale was in great demand, and a lot of money was ready for some of these plots. So without any fear, Virtual Land can be purchased here, or it can be considered as very good an investment.

7. Somnium Space


Somnium Space is a social VR platform dedicated specifically to VR, with an economy and an ownership system based on the blockchain. During this metaverse, they allow users to build, import, and monetize objects in a social and persistent manner.

With Somnium Space being one of the top virtual land buying sites, it is also one of the oldest metaverses, having been released in 2017. This metaverse emphasizes the virtual reality aspect and features of this game, which makes it stand out in comparison to all the other metaverses we’ll discuss.

A total of 5026 pieces of land are still available on Somnium Space’s Marketplace. The company is still holding land auctions as well as land sales, so keep an eye on their Twitter feed and their Discord channel for information on what’s available in the future.


Here is our list of the 7 Best Virtual Land Buying sites that we believe have some really good potential going forward. The Sandbox, Decentraland, Mriandus, and Axie Infinity are some of our favorite metaverses that we have mentioned in this article;

In addition to the fact that not all of these will succeed, we do believe that only a few will. We will also be developing a number of other metaverses in the near future. Some of our favorites are The Sandbox, Decentraland, Mriandus, and Axie Infinity.

Moreover, many of the others that we did mention have some real potential, so we want to hear from you about which of these metaverses you think has the most land potential. Let us know in the comments below which one you think has the most potential.