Apple Introduces Latest Location Tracking Tags

Today’s article is about the location tracking tag, a new device that Apple will be launching. They are planning to launch the latest device in the last quarter of this year, which has been talked about for a long time, but has not yet been announced. According to the Internet, this device, which belongs to the category of ultra-broadband tracking, will be called AirTags or AppleTags.

Users who use these tags have the option to use this tag for their keys, luggage, motorcycles and whatever. This allows them to easily view location information on their mobile phones. The main purpose of this is to minimize the damage caused by rogue enemies and to prevent and correct mismatches caused by oblivion.

The tracking technology used in the latest Apple iPhone 11 models can be used for this. The information currently being disclosed says it will provide information through the FindMy app.

Apple Location Tracking Technology

According to the information available on the Internet, this device may look like a round disk. The device also includes the latest Apple U1 Locator chip, the same type of chip used for the iPhone 11. Equipped with ultra-broadband technology, these chips make it easy for users to locate the exact location of a lost tag. 3D balloons provide visual support for locating lost items.

In addition, just like AirPods, apple tags also have the ability to restore the release of a doorbell. It also comes with the ability to associate tags near an iPhone, such as AirPods, to the user’s iCloud account.

This device can warn owners not to forget if a labeled object goes too far. This function can be overridden in “secure” locations, such as home or office. If it is misplaced in any way, if the tag owner declares that the tag has been lost, any iPhone user who appears to be in possession of the tagged item will be notified to return it to its original owner.

However, the release date of the latest device has not yet been announced, but most likely it will be unveiled at the iPhone Festival in September this year.